Take Control of your Health and Happiness
with our range of PCOS and Health Products
Getting Started: 5 SEEDS for PCOS ($7.00)
5 SEEDS is the introduction in how to control your PCOS. In the course I cover:

S - Stress Management
E - Emotional Management
E - Exercise
D - Diet
S - Supplements
Taking Control: The PCOS Health Program ($39.80 per month)
The PCOS health program has EVERYTHING you need to take control of your PCOS
  • Weekly PCOS Specific Meal Plans
  •  Weekly PCOS Specific Exercise Plans 
  •  Video Courses + Education 
  •  Mindset Coaching
Supplement Range: Inositol ($31.95)
Inositol is the perfect supplement for Women with PCOS, boasting the following benifits:
  • Helps with Ovulation and Fertility
  •  Improves egg quality
  •  Lowers testosterone levels
  •  Controls hormones that impact PCOS
Supplement Range: The Venus Box ($129.99)
The Venus Box contains a 1 month supply of the 4 most important vitamins for managing and controlling your PCOS
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Omega
  •  Controls hormones that impact PCOS
The PCOS Gold Package ($199.00)
Save 25%
You Get: 
Stress Management Course + Emotional Mastery Course + 3 Month PCOS Membership + 3 Month Supply of Inositol
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